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Essential Goat Supplies

Basic Goat Supplies

These are the basic items you should always have on hand
to care for your goats.
Besides housing, food, clean water and human interaction,
you will need to have a pantry of a basic supplies for their proper care.

We've gathered a list of supplies & tools you will be using regularly.
These are the same products we use at the best prices around. 



The Stanchion:
Use  your stanchion weekly for goat care. It is the single best training and taming tool around. With some goat feed in the front bowl, your goats will quickly learn that this is where the grain is served. In no time your goats will be eager to be the first on the stanchion! 

The stanchion should be located just outside the goat pen so you can focus on one goat at a time. Once the goat is on the stanchion with its head secured up by the feeding bowl, you will be able to touch and pet it and the goat will get quickly accustomed to being handled.
The stanchion should always be used in the presence of two people. One person feeds and calms the goat, while the other person does the task, be it grooming, milking, hooves etc.

NEVER use the stanchion with a goat if you do not have an assistant, or the goat could get severely injured or worse, should it move and slip off the stanchion.

The stanchion is the “go-to place”
for virtually all goat care tasks:


  • Milking

  • Training and taming

  • Feeding grain

  • Grooming

  • Hoof clipping

  • Administering medication

  • Inspection and more.


You are welcome to buy one of our custom handmade to order stanchions made with weather resistant grade A treated lumber. The adjustable height feeding tray accommodates goats both small and large.
To request info on our custom stanchion, click here to send us an email Our fully assembled stanchion can be ordered for $179+tax (Pick-up or local delivery only.) or shop around for your favorite. It is a good idea to consider getting a rain shelter of some sort for your stanchion as goats and people alike don’t care much for direct rain or snow.

Essential basic accessories for goat care:

You will want to organized some shelves or an area where you will keep your goat supplies at the ready for various tasks and eventualities.