Squire Woods Farm


Hands-On Goat Care Workshops

  • Learn the basics of hands-on goat care with our private, one-on-one workshops

  • You'll learn how to trim their hooves, groom, milk, and provide medicine. 

  • Learn about nutrition, hygiene and housing.

  • Optional workshop on birthing, neutering &  milking.

  • Come prepared with sturdy footwear and outdoor work clothes. 
    Please understand that in an outdoor farm, your clothes will likely get dirt on them. :)

  • This class will be held outdoors with our goats.

Workshops are $65 per person,by appointment (two person limit) and generally take two to three hours.

Sign-up for your own hands-on goat care workshop:

The purpose of our workshops is to give you a head start in caring for your goats and to familiarize yourself with needs and requirements that goats have for a happy and healthy life.  The experience we share in the workshop comes from nearly two decades of our own hands-on experience in raising and caring for our goats. From birthing to burial, we have accumulated our knowledge and understanding of goats and their care over time, with the knowledge imparted to us by veterinarians and other long time goat owners.

In no way are our workshops to be construed as a substitute for professional veterinary or emergency care. We encourage you to learn and read up as much as possible about goats and their care to determine if they are the right fit for you.


We will guide you through:

  • Grooming

  • Clipping hooves,

  • How to give injections.

  • Feeding

  • Summer and winter care,

  • Living quarters

  • Goat housing maintenance. Fancy talk for cleaning and mucking out a barn :)

  • How to assist your doe in birthing (Optional)

  • Goat disbudding and castrating male kids. (Optional)

  • How to milk a goat (Optional)

  • What to do with the milk once you’ve got it…(Optional)


We believe that a hands on workshop with real goats is an excellent way to learn and build confidence in your knowledge of raising  and caring for your own goats.

Be sure to wear closed-toe shoes or boots… please leave your tuxedo shoes, party stilettos or sandals at home.

And wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty.  Our goats can be very friendly, and may jump on you as a dog would, and their little feet have dirt on them :)


Our workshop runs generally  2 to 3 hours, so bring something to eat…we’ll have bottled water and snacks here for you, as well.


The cost is $65 per person. Limit of two people per workshop.


You’ll get firsthand experience & insight into the fun and heartwarming world of goats.

During the Covid pandemic,
our goat workshops are suspended, however visits may be 
scheduled by appointment,
on a case by case basis.